I’d like to Introduce Myself…

Hey there, I’m Laura – nice to meet you. Isn’t that the obligatory introduction for a brand-new blog? Ok great, I got that part right! As you keep reading, here is the full disclaimer – I have no idea what I’m doing. Ha! – It’s a billion percent true! I have a passion for writing and that’s where all of this started. I decided, for my family’s sake, I’d put the writing to better use. I am a master at creating beautifully written emails and texts, on how this-or-that went down, and how to fix it, and then how to prevent it from happening again, or maybe even a “how deep is thy love” novel. If it’s that good, you can bet it’s getting sent! This blog will be a great outlet. The family is probably fist bumping now….

I’m just going to keep typing and see where this thing goes. No goals here on becoming a Rachel Hollis, it’s just going to be a hobby and FUN! I love life, all the lessons, all the growing, all the love and all the craziness in between. I love deep and I hurt deep. Writing makes me feel warm and fuzzy, and if my words can make a sweet connection with another soul, we’ll build our own community, write about it, join arms and get through this life together.

I’ve lived in Texas all my life, (but ya’ll I’m gonna get to traveling)! I am married to the most selfless man on the planet, with two amazing kiddos, who are both doing their own thing at 19 and 21 – figuring out which path to take, which is so very cool to watch (and scary!). We’re new at empty nesting so that’s very wonderful and awful at the same time.

I have the greatest day job ever – I sell new construction homes in Denton, TX for Trendmaker Homes. It’s a career I never expected would be in front of me and has been the most amazing blessing sent straight from Heaven.

Speaking of Heaven, I love Jesus. I don’t know all the Bible stories, can’t quote all the verses, and sometimes I skip church – but I love Jesus. I’m always learning, growing and digging deeper in faith. The empty nesting chapter has a way of making that faith a lot stronger. I need Him and I trust Him.

Guys – thanks for reading this far! I’m just going to type and see what happens… It would be an honor having you along for the ride….


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