Andrea McClain | Photographer

Expecting a tiny miracle soon? This gal is the baby whisperer with a camera-in-hand! She just became a Mommy herself and has her own little model, to dress up and create albums upon albums of chubby-cheek bliss!

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of time, patience, perfect props, soft hands and gentle nudging to capture those oh-so-precious moments. From bundled up newborn toes, to the first spring in the tulips – she knows exactly how to freeze these moments in time that we get to experience just once. They always say “don’t blink” – that phrase couldn’t be more true.

I have known Andrea McClain for several years now and have watched her bloom into such an amazing, creative, self-taught artist. As if babies are not adored enough already, she has the magic touch to create the treasured images that you’ve been thinking about since the day you saw the pregnancy test was positive. You know it’s true. Peek at her website for more “oohs” & “awwes”….

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