Just Maybe…

I am so thankful for my Mom.

Her heart and wisdom impact every one who crosses her path. She wrote her thoughts about this pandemic and it’s definitely worth sharing. The next time we’re able to all be together is going to look and feel much different… thank you mom. ~ Laura

The Pandemic

After about 6 weeks of sheltering in place and social distancing for this Covid-19 virus…. reading and seeing it take over our local and national news and social media every single day…. seeing how people react – from “yes, I’ll do my part and all I can to help in this effort” – all the way to “This is a Chinese conspiracy” or “I’ll take my chances, and need to be working. If more people die, so be it.” And, of course, the politics.

The FB group “View From My Window” has given me a whole new perspective.  First of all, this is a GLOBAL event.  Our entire planet Earth is dealing with the same issues – the pandemic, separation, death, unemployment, parents having to school their kids (and put up with their disrespect, bad manners, and entitled attitudes – with no one to blame but themselves), not being able to see loved ones in nursing homes and hospitals, missing our families and friends, the brave front-line workers making huge sacrifices for their communities, no eating out or a simple day of shopping…not to mention the economic effects of it all. Did all the leaders in every other country screw up, too?…  Even though we now know it was spreading everywhere before anyone had a clue (except maybe China?).

But, in any case, here we are in the midst of it all…. and what are we learning?  How is our world going to change?  Will we come out of this as a new and improved human race, or will it eventually pass as we get on with our usual lives?

Maybe there are huge lessons to be learned here. Not only in the medical field, but in every aspect of human life.

Maybe Mother Earth needed a rest to restore our rivers, oceans, the air we breathe, our cities that never sleep, the ozone layer, our wildlife… and our very souls.

Maybe huge companies needed to realize that people can be responsible and productive enough to work from home with all the wonderful technology we’ve developed – instead of jamming the freeways in a mad rush to and from a huge building every single day, and therefore needing more freeways, more buildings and more cars.

Maybe we needed to realize that we can actually do without expensive designer clothes and accessories and plastic surgery to look “perfect.”  We can go a little longer between hair and nail appointments – actually even do our own nails sometimes, and not worry about being made-up all the time. Maybe we needed to learn that we can get by with less – and to appreciate when we have more.

Maybe families needed a break from the rush and hustle of getting kids up and out the door to school every morning, to all their activities, and finally back home just in time for a fast-food dinner, homework & bedtime.  Maybe some parents needed to actually have to face the consequences of not teaching their kids respect, manners, and a decent work-ethic – because they have to put up with them all day, and they can’t blame the teacher or the school any more. 

Maybe we all just needed to slow down, take time to enjoy the “view from our window” and count our blessings, enjoy the simple things in life… instead of missing out on the “now” because we’re constantly thinking of “what’s next?”

Maybe we just needed a wake-up call to really appreciate the people we depend on every day and take for granted like medical  personnel, first responders, teachers, truck drivers, grocery workers,  fitness instructors, day-care providers, restaurant workers, farmers, hair stylists, manicurists, cleaning services, and small business owners,  many of whom barely make a living, even in good times. Maybe we also needed to realize how much our folks in nursing homes need us, our presence, our personal touch.  And our extended family and friends… how much we need that contact… and hugs!

Maybe we needed to be reminded how important it is to live within your means…and have some funds stashed away for an emergency (or a pandemic).

Maybe we all needed to learn how important cleanliness is… and personal space,  raising kids to be good people, and caring enough about each other to make some personal sacrifice for the greater good.

Maybe the whole world just needed to stop, take a deep breath, and remember to be thankful.


~ Pam McGregor

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